Health Intelligence

Empowering Healthcare Organizations

Our Approach

An ever-increasing volume of digitized health information presents both challenges and opportunities across the healthcare industry. ASG allows healthcare organizations to access, cleanse and transform data.


Automatically reconcile

Our solutions automatically disparate reporting formats such as Excel, PDF files, and other semi-structured files needed to achieve regulatory compliance (HIPAA).

Data Driven Decision Making

In Healthcare, analytics have been proven very effective in improving clinical, financial, and operational performance. ASG’s healthcare data analytics framework extracts the critical information, then structures and delivers the data to the appropriate downstream system.
Performance Dashboard
ASG’s healthcare algorithms reduce repetitive, manual effort with automated workflow models. Our healthcare data analytics track resources to anticipate need and deploy rapid, targeted responses to ensure accurate reporting in dashboard.


Mobile Psychological Application

ASG’s IT team has develop a mobile psychological application for use in the treatment of adolescents with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD).  The app is smartphone based and used by patients participating in a research study being run by the Emotion and Development Branch (EDB) as an interface to engage the patients and to capture and manage patient data and provide reporting and analytics.The Emotion and Development Branch (EDB) is
dedicated to study the pathophysiology, development, and treatment of pediatric mood and anxiety disorders.

Unified Patient Platform

ASG’s sister firm Medpsych Health Services (MPHS), which is an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) that provides services for patients who have Medicare Part A, B services, Medicaid OMHC, Tricare, ChampVA, and private insurance companies. MPHS has 16 clinical practitioners providing mental health management, psychotherapy, addiction and group therapy.
Scheduling appointments posed to be a challenge due to the sensitive nature of patients and their unplanned needs for services.
ASG’s IT operations team created a unified patient platform to improve patient’s access to care and health materials that assist in preventative health care. In addition, ASG’s offices are collocated with our jointly owned clinic, which affords ASG to have a platform to validate research of various solutions that can be applied in a working healthcare setting.

Success Stories

Healthcare Claims Management

The Challenge

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) wanted a centralized system to process and pay the 13 million annual claims for medical services provided to veterans and their families.

The Solution

ASG built a centralized interface which enabled the VA’s business office to improve its payment accuracy and timeliness without requiring the involvement of the VA’s Office of Information Technology. ASG managed the lifecycle of the process, including testing and analyzing the software prior to rollout to ensure successful deployment.

The Result:

The VA now able to use centralized technical and management resources to support all directorates in the use of automated business rules management systems. This means the department can provide fraud, waste and abuse detection, automated claims processing and policy adjudication without human intervention.

Mental Health

The Challenge

Medpsych Health Services (MPHS) required a client scheduling system that would process claims across a broad range of insurance providers while protecting its patients’ privacy.

The Solution

ASG built a single portal for schedulers to see a patient’s preferred appointment date and time, along with service provider availability. ASG then expanded the portal to enable web-based scheduling and tele-health services.

The Result

Medpsych is providing its patients improved access to mental health treatment and preventative care. The ASG-designed solution created open-source content management and e-learning options for both clients and health care contact representatives.