At ASG, we are driven by an innovative spirit that cultivates leadership excellence in technology, a corporate culture focused on our employees, and a passion for supporting a variety of programs that promote social services, encourage health, wellness and delivery of relief in times of crisis. Through charitable contributions, employee volunteerism, and community leadership. ASG and our employees give back to the communities in which we live and serve.

Connected by Compassion

At ASG, we are nationally and locally committed to the well-being of our community in which we livework and serve. Whether it is through our corporate culture focused on our valuable employees; or through the variety of programs that ASG supports to promote social innovation and impactthe one thing that connects everything we do is compassion.  

Making a Difference for Our Company 

The most important resources at ASG are our employees.  

As with all valuable assets, ASG is proud to invest in: 

  • the health of our employees 
  • the development of their professional careers 
  • and the increase of opportunities and education 

hands holding a plant with tech lights surrounding it


Operating our business efficiently is at the heart of ASG’s sustainability efforts. We focus on managing our energy use, developing and maintaining smart facilities, reducing our greenhouse footprint, and informing strategic alliances with business partners that contribute to our goal to operate our business as efficiently as possible.

As customers become more aware of the impact of IT on the environment and its limited use of natural resources, our customers are increasingly looking for solutions that are more resource-efficient. Our commitment to “Sustainability” not only includes our own corporate sustainability efforts but to our commitment in delivering solutions that we design and build for our customers that help them to minimize the consumption of resources, such as energy, development, operational conditions, and maintenance.