Advanced Data Science

Helping agencies to enable data-driven decision-making.

Our Approach

ASG’s Data Science team makes it possible to extract meaningful insights from vast sets of unstructured, messy data that cannot be processed by conventional methods. With the help of innovative approaches such as machine learning and predictive analytics, our data scientists develop algorithms able to structure and analyze these data sets, and a result, identify relationships, and patterns that determine business performance.


Statistical modeling
Applying statistical methods to make reliable future predictions and discover actionable insights.
Anomaly detection 
Building, training, and deploying Machine Learning models into real-life environments. Minimize risks in IT management processes using machine learning.
Fraud detection and prevention 
Protect applications, services, and operations from fraud using machine learning and decision automation. Our solutions provide real-time fraud analytics and prevention by integrating with transactional systems and data streams.
Deep learning 
Development of algorithms based on artificial neural networks for more complex data processing purposes.
Natural language processing
Creating applications capable of understanding and processing human language to gain valuable information.
Sentiment Analysis
Classifying a text to a class using various survey data. Depending on the dataset and the reason, our solutions provide Sentiment Classification in binary (positive or negative) or in multi-class (3 or more classes).
Trend Analysis
With access to the large source of historical data our experienced analysts conduct the analysis work, assess the data, identifying and tracking signals and their prominence during the monitoring period.
Machine Learning Model Development Services
Our experienced data scientists use industry-leading toolkits, libraries, and frameworks to maximize predictive power and accelerate time-to-value.


Data Analytics

ASG helps clients to make predictive, data-driven decisions that accelerate innovation and increase ROI with modern data analytics. We capture the most value from the data not just through world class analytics but by critically evaluating the data stack itself, identifying gaps, filling them and then activating with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our data analytics consultants not only build meaningful dashboards, but also demonstrate how to reveal insights that improve outcomes. We empower business users to visualize and analyze data through intuitive interface, while maintaining data governance and minimizing labor-intensive BI tasks.
• Cloud-enabled. Multi cloud computing.
• Resiliency (automated re-start, recovery)
• MPP (massively parallel processing)
• Auditability for all ETL and ELT processes.
• Containerized CI/CD and embedded analytics
• Standards-driven design and code

Data Lake

ASG helps clients to streamline data architecture across modern cloud data platforms and best-in-class data lakes for businesses to integrate, manage, analyze, and share growing volumes of data within their cloud-based enterprises.  Our expertise in Hadoop, ETL, SQL, NoSQL database, Spark, etc., adds machine learning, artificial intelligence to accomplish these initiatives more efficiently.
Our modern data architectures services are distinguished by:
• Performance Optimization: We incorporate performance optimization into a cloud-based, big data analytics framework to ramp up processing power and speed as data volumes increase.
• Roadmaps and Strategy: From the start, we work with stakeholders to create a business-focused vision and strategy for available data. Then we develop business intelligence architectures based on those business requirements, backed up by the technology that will deliver the results enterprise needs.
• Data Management: Automated data discovery using cloud native tools. Data catalog and metadata management.
• Design patterns, and data modelling frameworks: We come to the project prepared with design patterns and frameworks that is purpose-built for common industry challenges.
• Built-in data privacy and security: These key features are built into our frameworks from the ground up.
• Data Strategy & Governance: Protect and govern data assets, data Quality check, metadata curation and accelerate database management optimization for better business outcomes.

Business Insights

Specialize in developing robust, scalable dashboard and reporting. We incorporate design thinking principles into our user interaction/user experience (UI/UX) consulting to put the users first and build solutions that they quickly adopt and rely on. Harnessing the speed and agility of agile analytics and leading-edge data visualization software, our teams quickly build, test, and deploy dashboard analytics and reporting functions for a host of diverse business users. From senior executives and managers to administrative support, ASG’s dashboard and reporting solutions help business to connect cross-channel data points.

Analytics Centers of Excellence

Our team developed an Analytics Center of Excellence to explore ideas and apply unique expertise to create cutting-edge, actionable insights. This centralized model provides a range of support functions for analytics users at all expertise levels. ASG intelligence lab serves as a knowledge base, and analyze our experiences and lessons learned to identify opportunities for improvement. Our COE tools and solutions offer following features.
• A platform-agnostic process auditing and metadata management solution built using ANSI- Standard SQL.
• Cloud centric automated data discovery and data catalog maintenance.
• Complex rule engine for advanced analytics.
• Automated archival strategy with intelligent tiering to save data storage cost.
• Enterprise level role-based access controls access to information.
• Provides daily configurable data profiling and trend analysis across all incoming data sets.
• Addresses issues including data ingestion, referential integrity, duplicate data, bad data typing, non-contiguous overlapping dates, lists of values, field, and table aliases, and more.
• In-house data encryption algorithm for system integration testing.
• Automatic script to trigger parallel execution for stress and performance testing on massive data volume.

Success Stories

Data Analytics

The Challenge

The Operational Analytics Program for CMS requires complex processing of large volumes of data to monitor operational processes, proactively investigate problems or anomalies, validate information, maintain records of analytical work, inform stakeholders both inside and outside the federal government.

The Solution

In order to process this massive volume and make the required data available in the data access zone, OA has enabled highly scalable parallel processing in our programming so that when data volume increases, the number of parallel processes increases as well. We also have in-house automated data partitioning techniques in place to process data in a more dynamic fashion. Cloud based data analytics components can automatically scale from 1 to million BI users.

The Result

The platform delivers advanced data analytics, statistical and predictive modeling for more than 20 million consumers per month managing financial close to $150 billion annually.

Predictive Modelling

The Challenge

The clinical quality and standard center required to identify procedural risks and infection probability based on structured and unstructured public data.

The Solution

Our data scientists developed statistical modeling based on artificial neural networks to gain valuable information and provide best assessment to suggest actions.

The Result

Via real time or batch processing this data platform collects structured and unstructured data in diverse formats and delivers cloud AI powered predictive analytics. In addition, we have successfully incorporated NLP techniques such as sentiment analysis and LDA model for topic modeling using spaCy, executed using Spark’s native processing capabilities, to analyze large surveys with more than 10,000 responses.