• Auditability for all ETL and ELT processes.
• Containerized CI/CD and embedded analytics
• Standards-driven design and code

Data Analytics

ASG helps clients to make predictive, data-driven decisions that accelerate innovation and increase ROI with modern data analytics.
We capture the most value from the data not just through world class analytics but by critically evaluating the data stack itself, identifying gaps, filling them and then activating with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our data analytics consultants not only build meaningful dashboards, but also demonstrate how to reveal insights that improve outcomes. We empower business users to visualize and analyze data through intuitive interface, while maintaining data governance and minimizing labor-intensive BI tasks.

• Cloud-enabled. Multi cloud computing.
• Resiliency (automated re-start, recovery)
• MPP (massively parallel processing)

Data Lake

ASG helps clients to streamline data architecture across modern cloud data platforms and best-in-class data lakes for businesses to integrate, manage, analyze, and share growing volumes of data within their cloud-based enterprises. Our expertise in Hadoop, ETL, SQL, NoSQL database, Spark, etc., adds machine learning, artificial intelligence to accomplish these initiatives more efficiently.
Our modern data architectures services are distinguished by:
• Performance Optimization: We incorporate performance optimization into a cloud-based, big data analytics framework to ramp up processing power and speed as data volumes increase.
• Roadmaps and Strategy: From the start, we work with stakeholders to create a business-focused vision and strategy for available data. Then we develop business intelligence architectures based on those business requirements, backed up by the technology that will deliver the results enterprise needs.
• Data Management: Automated data discovery using cloud native tools. Data catalog and metadata management.

• Design patterns, and data modelling frameworks: We come to the project prepared with design patterns and frameworks that is purpose-built for common industry challenges.

• Built-in data privacy and security: These key features are built into our frameworks from the ground up.

• Data Strategy & Governance: Protect and govern data assets, data Quality check, metadata curation and accelerate database management optimization for better business outcomes.

Business Insights

Specialize in developing robust, scalable dashboard and reporting. We incorporate design thinking principles into our user interaction/user experience (UI/UX) consulting to put the users first and build solutions that they quickly adopt and rely on. Harnessing the speed and agility of agile analytics and leading-edge data visualization software, our teams quickly build, test, and deploy dashboard analytics and reporting functions for a host of diverse business users. From senior executives and managers to administrative support, ASG’s dashboard and reporting solutions help business to connect cross-channel data points.

Cyber Security

Since threats constantly change, we focus on multiple layers of cybersecurity protection, starting with a strong network perimeter, protecting data and information systems from cyber threats, as well as ensure compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) standards.

Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

ASG’s Cloud Data Lakes services allow our clients to break free from rigid data center constraints and scale up and down on demand. Our services offer a well-organized, accessible Data Lakes for large volumes of raw data for use in future analytics applications, primarily managed by data scientists.

• Well-organized, accessible Data Lakes for large volumes of raw data for use in future analytics applications, primarily managed by data scientists.

• Data Warehouse architecture that comprises structured, filtered data ready for analytics, giving business users multiple self-service options for analytics, data visualization and reporting applications.

• A combination of Data Lakes and Data Warehouse architecture, with appropriate hierarchies, security, and governance rules providing a best-of-both-worlds solution.

Health Engine:

ASG’s sister firm Medpsych Health Services (MPHS), which is an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) that provides services for patients who have Medicare Part A, B services, Medicaid OMHC, Tricare, ChampVA, and private insurance companies. MPHS has 16 clinical practitioners providing mental health management, psychotherapy, addiction and group therapy. Scheduling appointments posed to be a challenge due to the sensitive nature of patients and their unplanned needs for services.
ASG’s IT operations team created a unified patient platform to improve patient’s access to care and health materials that assist in preventative health care. In addition, ASG’s offices are collocated with our jointly owned clinic, which affords ASG to have a platform to validate research of various solutions that can be applied in a working healthcare setting.

Human Centered Design

Our approach to product development puts user needs, desires, and abilities at the center of the development process. It means making design decisions based on how people can, need and want to perform tasks, rather than expecting users to adjust and accommodate their behaviors to the product. ASG balances this human-centered design approach by building in empathy for the user, which gives us unique insights into how users interact with products in their environments, as well as meeting their explicit and implicit needs and expectations. This approach is backed up with rigorous testing and engineering to develop products that meet user requirements and business objectives.

Agile Analytics

our Agile Analytics consulting team helps organizations achieve the shortest distance possible between a) analytics strategy/development/improvement; and b) return on investment.Our practice internalizes the guiding principles that make agile analytics so appealing for organizations that depend on “speed-to-solution” application development. With these ideals in mind, ASG’s Agile Analytics consultants possess the highest training and certification levels in the cutting-edge tools and methodologies we employ:

• Parallel, rapid prototyping and testing
• Containerized CI/CD and embedded ML/AI
• Data ingestion accelerators

• Pre-built industry analytics modules• Analytics-ready enterprise data lakes and data warehouses