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ASG’s design services encompass performing enhancements as well as maintenance services for template user interfaces, middleware, databases, and system integration services.

We are continuously tasked by organizations with the creation of new templates and the updating of existing medical evidence exam templates as new regulations and requirements arise or as defects are found in existing templates.

We provide analysis in the form of content, enabling/disabling rule patterns, determining shared common objects, determine shared common elements, establishing mandatory logic requirements, and creating interface requirements. We also provide preliminary design development where we develop objects, layout design, logic flow design, report logic design, and unit testing. An important component of design development is software quality assurance, where reviewers test whether the solutions are working as intended. Utilization of our system integration components ensures that updated system design information is reflected in the design in relationship to the clients system as an integrated part of systems architecture.

ASG design services also include following the organizations client steering committee guidelines internal or industry requirements, and appropriate local, state, and Federal regulations.