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Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

ASG understands that O&M management is a critical component of the overall program performed to keep equipment and systems running efficiently for at least the design life of the component(s) whether it be hardware, software, or even operational or project components. We can support your management functions in binding the distinct parts of the program into a cohesive entity making up the organization: Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Training, and Administration. Beyond establishing and facilitating the distinct links, we assist O&M managers in their responsibility of interfacing with other department managers to make their case for ever-shrinking budgets. Our team can assist with defining operations and project implementation functions as well as your needs in maintaining persistence of the program and its goals.

Our O&M team can help you with:


Administration – Ensure effective implementation and control of operational activities.
Conduct Operations – Ensure efficient, safe, and reliable process operations.
Equipment Status Control – Cognizant of status of all equipment & software.
Operator Knowledge and Performance – Ensure that user and stakeholder knowledge and performance will support safe and reliable systems operation.


Administration – Ensure effective implementation and control of maintenance activities. Work Control System – Including tuning and monitoring and control the performance of maintenance in an efficient and safe manner such that economical, safe, and reliable operations are optimized
Conduct Maintenance – Conduct maintenance in a safe and efficient manner.
Preventive Maintenance – Contribute to optimum performance and reliability of systems and equipment
Maintenance Procedures and Documentation – Provide directions, when appropriate, for the performance of work and to ensure that maintenance is performed safely and efficiently.

A healthy O&M program experiences growth, in staff responsibility, capability, and accomplishment. ASG assists your O&M management in being vigilant in highlighting the capabilities and accomplishments of your O&M staff.

ASG’s team will help your O&M program to be sustainable and to be visible beyond the O&M management. We will help you in facilitating the O&M distinct linkages and relationships that will enable heightened success of the O&M program within your organization.

ASG offers a wide variety of service contract types ranging from full-coverage contracts to individual equipment contracts, simple inspection contracts, or an End-Use or End-Result contract, where we not only take over all operation of the equipment, but also all operational risk. In this case, we can provide a designated level of service where we are compensated based on service levels met.