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HSPD-12 and (IAM)

HSPD-12 and Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services keep your organization compliant and on-track

ASG offers skilled HSPD-12 services that encompass design, development, intergradation, and implementation of HSPD-12 solutions. We deploy our HSPD-12 solutions for Federal Departments and Agencies, and our thought leaders spearhead Smart-Card model implementation and management efforts that adhere to Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and Logical Access Control Systems (LACS) requirements for card usage.

ASG provides a results oriented approach to managing HSPD-12 implementation, operations, and deployment. All of our current customers are garnering success with the issuance of PIV credentials, and in some cases, out-of-the-box usage of those credentials in LACS and PACS environments as a strong identity platform. Further, our capabilities enable a solid foundation to evolve beyond HSPD-12 and FIPS 201 to enable strong Identity and Access Management capability for our customers.

ASG’s in-depth experience, deep technical knowledge, proven methodologies, and objective vendor agnostic approach provide your organization with comprehensive HSPD-12 solutions that not only meet all government mandates, but also set a solid foundation for your future enterprise Identity and Access Management solution.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a set of business processes and underline infrastructures that manages digital identities throughout their lifecycle. As such, an experienced team can help you solve problems as they arise.

ASG IAM teams work to resolve critical business needs to equip your organizations with the competitive advantage of compliant, secure, and efficient IT environments that include

Regulatory Compliance – Revolves around knowing “who has access to what”.
Administration Efficiency – Reduce help desk and other operational costs through password synchronization, data transformation, and other features.
Security – Enhanced via Strong Authentication and consistent, verified, and standards based Access Control services.
Cost Avoidance – Reduced investment required for application development through enabling common services. Improved user experience.

ASG has extensive experience in implementing, customizing, and extending the capabilities of commercial IAM technologies to fit your organizations specific needs.