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Open Source, COTS and GOTS

Leveraging and customizing open source software can be an efficient and effective approach to implementing specific capabilities. ASG’s complements open source solutions with COTS and GOTS products that enable an agile-based customization approach to enhance traditional software development disciplines to rapidly introduce tailored system capabilities.

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Legacy Application

ASG’s Agile Legacy Lifecycle services

Learn how to unlock your legacy application investments with ASG’s innovative Agile Legacy Lifecycle services. Our legacy modernization services concept unlocks the power of the investments our clients have made over the years in their mission-critical legacy applications and assures continuous improvement at predictable costs. Our innovative approach brings a culture of continuous evolution to ensure that our clients legacy environment never falls into disruption again.

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Mobile Apps

ASG provides services for strategy mobile infrastructure such MDM, app development for iOS and Android is a top enterprise mobility priority. We create, develop and implement mobile apps that are designed to meet your company’s unique and complex business requirements.

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Software Development

ASG has built its software engineering practice on our professional team’s’ experience with scalable technologies and methodologies that can support small groups to millions of users. Our software engineering teams translate complex ideas into simple design concepts, which are then developed and transformed into detailed software applications and systems, resulting in innovative quality solutions that move your business forward.

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