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With ASG Health IT Services, you can know more, save more, and innovate more! With the onset of new healthcare regulations, the need for efficient and integrated IT systems has become a foundational requirement for success. Quality, safety, and efficiency of care have historically been the focal points in transforming U.S. healthcare. However, today, greater attention is focused on IT solutions to drive healthcare transformation.


ASG’s Health solutions and services enable forward-thinking levels of communication and collaboration between patients, providers, payers, and life science organizations. Built on a highly secure network of interoperable technologies, our solutions are crafted to meet the healthcare community’s unique compliance, bandwidth, stability, and interoperability requirements.

Our transparent, cost-effective, and collaborative healthcare solutions enable better healthcare administration and seamless delivery to end-users. We intimately understand that a myriad of health system challenges confront both government agencies and commercial entities in delivering care or benefits to customers. Complex inter-dependent programs, large databases, administration turnover, policy changes, constraints of a politicized annual budgeting process, and outdated technology are a few the issues the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Defense Health Administration, and Health and Human Services needed to overcome to do business on a regular basis.

The solution to these challenges can be found at the core of ASG’s synergistic healthcare vision. Founded by a practicing Medical Doctor (M.D.) with direct experience providing clinical care to patients in the VA health system, in commercial health environments, and in community health clinics, ASG understands the complete life-cycle of the doctor-patient relationship. ASG runs the complete operations of a clinical healthcare facility. We bring that experience to meet your healthcare organization’s needs. We understand, firsthand, how to improve business processes, information transparency, and stakeholder interactions across the healthcare delivery paradigm. With our synergistic vision, forward-thinking solutions, extensive systems implementation, and the integration experience of our dedicated healthcare professionals, we offer proven solutions that enable your organization to deliver complete end-to-end care for your clients.

At ASG we continue to revolutionize the way health care solutions are managed through the utilization of creative technological innovativeness, which includes offerings to support mobile applications that provide easy access to health benefits, cloud-based systems that provide for more efficient processing of medical claims, and the implementation of cost-effective technologies that help in leading to better care, better health and lower costs.

Why Choose ASG as Your Healthcare Partner?

With our healthcare architecture based on industry best practices and our experts who are well-versed in healthcare technology and solutions, we can help you develop a blueprint to achieve your strategic goals to get the most out of your Health IT investment to:

  • Align to business priorities – Better understand what your organization needs to change and how to achieve transformation
  • Improve operational efficiency – Simplify your network management and support processes; resolve problems faster
  • Enable an exceptional experience – Pre-empt potential issues by receiving a predictive actionable insight
  • Complement your team’s skills – Supplement your team’s capabilities with healthcare IT versed experts who will assist you in executing streamlined engagement models.