Data Science Services

Statistical modeling
Applying statistical methods to make reliable future predictions and discover actionable insights.
Anomaly detection
Building, training, and deploying Machine Learning models into real-life environments. Minimize risks in IT management processes using machine learning.

Fraud detection and prevention
Protect applications, services, and operations from fraud using machine learning and decision automation. Our solutions provide real-time fraud analytics and prevention by integrating with transactional systems and data streams.
Deep learning
Development of algorithms based on artificial neural networks for more complex data processing purposes.
Natural language processing
Creating applications capable of understanding and processing human language to gain valuable information.
Sentiment Analysis 
Classifying a text to a class using various survey data. Depending on the dataset and the reason, our solutions provide Sentiment Classification in binary (positive or negative) or in multi-class (3 or more classes).
Trend Analysis
With access to the large source of historical data our experienced analysts conduct the analysis work, assess the data, identifying and tracking signals and their prominence during the monitoring period.
Machine Learning Model Development Services
Our experienced data scientists use industry-leading toolkits, libraries, and frameworks to maximize predictive power and accelerate time-to-value.

Cloud and Security Services

Identity and Access Management
ASG has a comprehensive set of solutions to identify system users and control their access to system resources by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity. Web single sign on (SSO), user provisioning, advanced authentication, legacy authorization, public key infrastructure and directory services are critical components of identity and access management.
Secure Content and Vulnerability Management
ASG offers a comprehensive set of solutions that focus on allowing organizations to determine, interpret and improve their risk posture. Our cyber security consultants create, monitor and enforce security policy and provide management of various security technologies from a single point of control.
Cloud Migration Services
For these crucial endeavors, our Principal consultants take a leading role in constructing a business-vision focused strategic plan to get your cloud migration initiative off the ground and on the right trajectory from the very beginning, we reuse frameworks and patterns that enable our clients to deliver more, adapt faster, and improve continuously with a scalable cloud solution that grows with business needs.
Cloud DevSecOps Services
ASG’s Cloud DevSecOps services are built around accelerating software deployment, using pioneering lean technology, to drastically reduce the time it takes to build, test, and roll out applications.

Cloud Test Automation 
we’ve developed our could native test automation service package to deliver flawless software to our clients within tight timelines and rely on best world practices to ensure the continuation of the business operations. ASG’s inhouse encryption package ensures all PII data will be masked while testing in lower environment.
Cloud Infrastructure Services 
We dream a future where IT infrastructures can monitor themselves, predict and respond to future business needs and protect and heal themselves. We can help you design and implement a cloud-ready infrastructure that will unlock your vision and unleash unprecedented performance.

We assist your core team in ensuring a full- fledged integrated functioning of the delivery pipeline automation cycle and in adapting your automated deployment cycle to changes. ASG’s DevOps team assess DevOps maturity level including DevOps culture, processes, and tools. Our experts audit DevOps existing practices, infrastructure, and existing development pipeline and implements continuous delivery pipeline automation and optimization.

Digital Transformation Services

Agile Project Management 
ASG helps projects to adopt Agile for improved predictability, ability to deliver high-quality deliverables, innovate and improve time to market. Our experienced team of scrum masters have helped clients to increase revenue with a complete transformation to become ‘truly agile’.
For long the additional security check at the end of development, was seen as a roadblock and superfluous, but with the rising cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the digitally advancing IT world, all IT leaders are striving to become watertight with respect to security in the development lifecycle. Implementing a DevSecOps framework reduces chances of vulnerable code and potential security exploits, ensuring seamless security and resilience of applications. ASG’s DevOps security model endorses a culture of security, that matches your CI/CD needs with minimum disruption to operations, accelerated go-to-market rates. We deploy automated code review and testing, microservices architecture, containerization, and cloud security tooling in order to deliver the desired results.