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Mental Health


ASG’s sister firm Medpsych Health Services (MPHS), which is an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) that provides services for patients who have Medicare Part A, B services, Medicaid OMHC, Tricare, ChampVA, and private insurance companies. MPHS has 16 clinical practitioners providing mental health management, psychotherapy, addiction and group therapy. Scheduling appointments posed to be a challenge due to the sensitive nature of patients and their unplanned needs for services.


To address this challenge, ASG’s IT operations team analyzed the scheduling pattern; wait-times, cancellation and rescheduling of doctor appointments. The team then built a single portal for Schedulers to view provider availability and preferable patient appointment dates and times to provide a scheduler with the ability to access a feasible appointment time within minutes of interaction with the patient. The portal was then further expanded to allow web-based online scheduling, which improved access to mental health treatment for the patients. Based on our customer feedback and reviews for the scheduling process, we then identified the need to further improve accessibility to care by providing virtual care to the system.

Through ASG’s innovative work, Medpsych is now providing better patient access to mental health treatment via an open source tele-health solution that incorporates an open source content management and e-learning solution that facilitates education of health care contact representatives and patients. This innovative bundle of solutions has improved patient’s access to care and health materials that assist in preventative health care. In addition, ASG’s offices are collocated with our jointly owned clinic, which affords ASG to have a platform to validate research of various solutions that can be applied in a working healthcare setting.