Cyber Security


Securing Your Cloud Computing System

Our Approach

ASG’s Cloud Engineering Services employ strategic planning, modern data architecture, big data technology, and agile analytics to best enable your future-facing cloud or hybrid environment. Our cloud engineering consultants resolve pain points within current data storage infrastructure and help our clients to break free from rigid data center constraints to achieve more efficient and accessible frameworks that can scale up and down on demand.


Identity and Access Management

ASG has a comprehensive set of solutions to identify system users and control their access to system resources by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity. Web single sign on (SSO), user provisioning, advanced authentication, legacy authorization, public key infrastructure and directory services are critical components of identity and access management.

Secure Content and Vulnerability Management

ASG offers a comprehensive set of solutions that focus on allowing organizations to determine, interpret and improve their risk posture. Our cyber security consultants create, monitor and enforce security policy and provide management of various security technologies from a single point of control.

Cloud Migration Services

For these crucial endeavors, our Principal consultants take a leading role in constructing a business-vision focused strategic plan to get your cloud migration initiative off the ground and on the right trajectory from the very beginning, we reuse frameworks and patterns that enable our clients to deliver more, adapt faster, and improve continuously with a scalable cloud solution that grows with business needs.

Cloud Test Automation

we’ve developed our could native test automation service package to deliver flawless software to our clients within tight timelines and rely on best world practices to ensure the continuation of the business operations. ASG’s inhouse encryption package ensures all PII data will be masked while testing in lower environment.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

We dream a future where IT infrastructures can monitor themselves, predict and respond to future business needs and protect and heal themselves. We can help you design and implement a cloud-ready infrastructure that will unlock your vision and unleash unprecedented performance.

Cloud DevSecOps Services

ASG’s Cloud DevSecOps services are built around accelerating software deployment, using pioneering lean technology, to drastically reduce the time it takes to build, test, and roll out applications.


Cyber Security

Since threats constantly change, we focus on multiple layers of cybersecurity protection, starting with a strong network perimeter, protecting data and information systems from cyber threats, as well as ensure compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) standards.

Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

ASG’s Cloud Data Lakes services allow our clients to break free from rigid data center constraints and scale up and down on demand. Our services offer a well-organized, accessible Data Lakes for large volumes of raw data for use in future analytics applications, primarily managed by data scientists.
• Well-organized, accessible Data Lakes for large volumes of raw data for use in future analytics applications, primarily managed by data scientists.
• Data Warehouse architecture that comprises structured, filtered data ready for analytics, giving business users multiple self-service options for analytics, data visualization and reporting applications.
• A combination of Data Lakes and Data Warehouse architecture, with appropriate hierarchies, security, and governance rules providing a best-of-both-worlds solution.

Success Stories

Cloud Solutions

The Challenge

The Veterans Administration (VA) needed to support its Point-of-Service Kiosk Program, which uses remote devices to allow veterans to access VA services and perform a broad range of tasks.

The Solution

ASG helped implement a two-phase approach using an iterative approach to requirement definition, development and implementation for new capabilities, and to incrementally roll out devices and software. The deployment included shifting existing hardware and data storage to a cloud-based environment.

The Result

The Point-of-Service Kiosks provide information and support numerous tasks, such as validating information and filling out forms. The new architecture not only made these on-demand services easily accessible, but also resulted in significant cost savings for the VA.

Cyber Security

The Challenge

The Veterans Health Agency (VHA) needed an identity management system that would integrate decentralized access points, improve efficiency and enhance system security.

The Solution

ASG wrote a five-year plan which fulfilled 16 major security initiatives and enabled patient identity verification to operate seamlessly among internal VHA systems, e-Exchanges and outside partners. The ASG-designed solution met all NIST and OMB security requirements and HSPD-12 compliance.

The Result

Because ASG lowered the number of user access points from nine to one, VHA saw a measurable increase in customer satisfaction. ASG’s solution not only significantly tightened security, but also improved system efficiency to meet CRISP requirements.