Cyber Security

Securing Your Cloud Computing System

Our Approach

Our core Cyber Security platform is optimized to ensure network security, application security, information security, operational security, and business continuity. We have extensive experience in securing sensitive data (PII/PHI) and tracking activities across endpoints and surfaces to detect events and flag risks. 


Assess cyber resiliency

Assess and measure current cyber exposures and vulnerabilities. We provide individual actionable recommendations to ensure preparedness and the ability to detect, respond and recover from ransomware or other cyber-attack.

Identity and Access Management

ASG has a comprehensive set of solutions to identify system users and control their access to system resources by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity. Web single sign-on (SSO), user provisioning, advanced authentication, legacy authorization, public key infrastructure, and directory services are critical components of identity and access management.

Secure Content and Vulnerability Management

ASG offers a comprehensive set of solutions that focus on allowing organizations to determine, interpret and improve their risk posture. Our cyber security consultants create, monitor, and enforce security policies and provide management of various security technologies from a single point of control.

Zero Trust Model

ASG provides services to control the access of APIs for specific IP addresses, Zonal access, time of day or authenticated with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure privileged access to the system. It helps to analyze the access across the cloud-based system to facilitate the admins to define policies using the principle of least privilege and zero trust model.

Web application firewall

We establish a Web application firewall (WAF) to protect APIs against any bots which compromise the security. Using WAF, we can control the web traffic and block common bot attacks which consume resources and may cause downtime. Two-factor authentication further enhances security through integrations with RSA SecureID, SMS PASSCODE, Duo, and others.


Cyber Security

Since threats constantly change, we focus on multiple layers of cybersecurity protection including below
• Audit trails for users/APIs accessing the system and immediate attention to detect following. 
• What the event was  
• What user, system, or application launched the event   
• The date and time the event occurred   
• The impact of the event and urgency of attention required.
• An automated maintenance process to ensure corrective, preventive, risk-based, and condition-based actions.
• Our insights have multiple dimensions including costs and benefits (ROI) analysis quantitatively and qualitatively. 
• Our Approach for Risk Management is to Assess – Identity – Evaluate – Remediate – Report and finally Train the model for faster corrective action in the future.   
We start with a strong network perimeter, protecting data and information systems from cyber threats, and then ensure compliance with Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) standards.

Success Stories

The Challenge

The Veterans Health Agency (VHA) needed an identity management system that would integrate decentralized access points, improve efficiency and enhance system security.

The Solution

ASG wrote a five-year plan which fulfilled 16 major security initiatives and enabled patient identity verification to operate seamlessly among internal VHA systems, e-Exchanges, and outside partners. The ASG-designed solution met all NIST and OMB security requirements and HSPD-12 compliance.

The Result

Because ASG lowered the number of user access points from nine to one, VHA saw a measurable increase in customer satisfaction. ASG’s solution not only significantly tightened security but also improved system efficiency to meet CRISP requirements.