Corporate Responsibility

It’s our Vision to achieve recognition within the public sector as a top 100 business, delivering best in class IT security and software engineering through web-based, mobile apps or cloud-based IT infrastructure solutions for business critical applications.

ASG holds as its Mission to create reliable and innovative solutions by understanding our customer’s business goals; providing sound recommendations, and delivering timely results. We are a purpose-driven company that Values excellence in everything we do. We expect every team member to exemplify a notable commitment to our clients and firm, as well as their teammates. Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We demonstrate our Values by listening and respecting the opinions of our peers and our customers.

We built our foundation on our commitment to our Values, Vision, and Mission. Formed from the bottom up, ASG never loses sight of what success means to our clients and employees. We employ the best people who are also committed to our vision. ASG takes pride in establishing a strong relationship with clients from the planning stage through solution deployment.

With the combination of an experienced, educated staff, ASG aligns its strengths with innovative and emerging technologies. We focus on key areas within the technical and professional services areas that we know you, as a client, will benefit from the most. ASG believes that with the integration of a strong foundation supported by exceptional employees, we become your trusted advisor, allowing us to comprehend, plan, and deliver the best results to you and your business.


Operating our business efficiently is at the heart of ASG’s sustainability efforts. We focus on managing our energy use, developing and maintaining smart facilities, reducing our greenhouse footprint, and informing strategic alliances with business partners that contribute to our goal to operate our business as efficiently as possible.

As customers become more aware of the impact of IT on the environment and IT’S limited use of natural resources, our customers are increasingly looking for solutions that are more resource-efficient. Our commitment to “Sustainability” not only includes our own corporate sustainability efforts but to our commitment in delivering solutions that we design and build for our customers that help them to minimize the consumption of resources, such as energy, development, operational conditions and maintenance.