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Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC)

A Square Group, LLC (ASG) is proud to be a Small Business Awardee of the 2016 SPARC IDIQ performance-based contract.
Services available through SPARC:

– Initiation, Concept, and Planning Services
– Requirements Services 4 Design Services
– Development Services
– Security Control Assessment (SCA) Services
– Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services
– Maintenance Services 4 Data Request Services 4 Help Desk Support Services

Initiation, Concept, and Planning Services (ICP)

ASG provides strong coverage for all the process steps within ICP Services based on CMMI Level 3’s support processes: Decision Analysis and Resolution, Project Planning, and Measurement and Analysis. A newly entered service request triggers process flows until a project is established with an approved Project Charter, Project Management Plan (PMP), and IPT, or the project is determined to be infeasible. We have extensive knowledge and experience to support the complete “Business” ICP process including the
Clinger Cohen Act and the Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process. Beginning with the business needs statement, OMB300, and CPIC compliance, we manage each package through its complete life cycle. For Federal Health Care organizations, we have represented, supported, and presented compliance packages to the Technical Review Board (TRB), along with Enterprise Architecture, HIPAA, Privacy, and Security offices to seek approval of the package. We prepared all supporting
artifacts, answered all questions during the review process, provided Subject Matter Expertise, and received approvals. Once the project was approved, it was submitted to the IT Investments Board for funding.

Requirements Services

ASG has significant experience with multiple requirements development and management methods. Our requirement analysts have great analytical reasoning, facilitation, writing and business knowledge skills to work with the business owners in authoring requirements that when implemented will solve the stated business problem or technical issue. We deep dive into understanding of the customers’ business goals, purpose, culture, clients, and underlying motivation for the request is the key to developing well-formed requirements. ASG’s requirement development framework has evolved from best practices, lesson learned, PMBOK, and CMMI level 3 process areas. It includes requirement identification, elaboration, organization, validation, documenting variances and issues from reviews, traceability and documentation. Our excellent requirements organization is based on logical grouping, functional decomposition, process models, scenarios and system features. Requirements organization is equally important to ensure requirements are complete and understandable for stakeholders and developers.

Design Services

ASG has designed multiple types of software and integration healthcare programs including: ULINK, CJS, MCCF, mental health e-screening, and Disability exam management program, For these projects ASG designs worked within established logical and physical architecture network, system, program, data repository, and multi-tiered structures. For some projects like uLINK, ASG brought multiple design alternatives and recommendations that expanded the database, software, and network options for the VA. Adhering to the user requirements ASG provides secure, planned solutions that complement existing systems and integrate per the organizational goals and objectives.

Development Services

ASG is currently providing development services for clinical, financial, and other applications and systems in the form of custom development, custom COTS, custom GOTS, database, integrations, interoperability using technologies like JAVA, JEE, Javascript, Drupal, Php, C#, .NET, and also legacy applications like PNCS, VistA MUMPS, Cobol, and proprietary products like Siebel, Oracle, MS Dynamics, WebLogic, WebSphere, IBM ILOG, Bizflow, and mobile apps for iOS and Android along with JAVA and php technologies. We use agile, waterfall and hybrid approaches and methodologies, depending on the complexity, design, requirements, risk, governance, and ‘time to market’ as required by stakeholders. We follow expedited life cycle (XLC) or rapid development, and align our work using the VA Technical Reference Manual (TRM) and Architecture, Strategy and Design (ASD’s) Enterprise Blueprint, which is similar to CMS TRA in compliance with CMMI and SEI standards and methodologies.

Test Services

ASG is strongly positioned to provide the competence and experience that the CMS needs in order to manage and test complex and interdependent systems like the ones involved with the CMS program. We understand the importance of Test Services, particularly for the integration of systems that are either providing or consuming data across system boundaries. Testing is a core competency of ASG, and we have mature, defined Quality Assurance and Software Testing Business Practices that focus on continuous improvement and CMMI Level 3 processes. We have a thorough understanding of the every phase of the testing lifecycle, and we understand the specific needs of Waterfall, Agile, and hybrid methodologies. ASG testing group is experienced with performing entire test lifecycle for variety of projects ranging from minor enhancements to major reengineering projects.

Security Control Assessment (SCA) Services

ASG’s capabilities in SCA services include predictive strategies, proactive measures, strategic controls and hardening methodologies to improve security posture and security defenses for our customers. We enable our clients to act quickly to identify, address, and mitigate cyber threats. We also support development of enterprise resilience to ensure that operations continue during and after a cyber crisis. ASG is experienced in working in a variety of site environments: from small to large, public to secure, functionally oriented to technically oriented, and remote to facilities shared with other agencies. We have worked actively with application developers to ensure conformance of code compliance, Identity and Access Management to comply with Security Standards and NIST 800-63 Level of Access (LOA) access required for PII/PHI. We have even done testing for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCl/DSS) compliance for our own clinics and supported VA on HIPAA and Privacy for VLER, NwHIN, and MSDS projects.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services

ASG’s provides objective assessments, identify and recommend risk mitigation strategies to improve customer’s project’s performance. We conduct IV&Vs that range from full life cycle coverage to specific technical evaluations. Our reviews of project processes, procedures, and artifacts are based on industry best practices such as PMBOK, SEI CMMI and IEEE. Our IV&V services include: 1) Full Life Cycle Assessments, 2) Point-in-Time Assessments, 3) Technical Domain Assessments, 4) Data Quality Assessments, 5) Organizational Assessments, and 6) Quality Assurance (QA) Assessments.

Maintenance Services

ASG brings ITIL based and CMMI ML3 driven maintenance capabilities to the SPARC contract. ASG has significant experience providing Operation & Maintenance (O&M), and Enhancement (OME) services to existing systems across federal agencies such as VA, HUD and HHS CMS. ASG uses processes aligned with standards such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for issue management. Issues may take several forms from risk management through incident management. Incidents tracked to a common root cause are identified as problems, and follow a defect management approach. We have a mature problem/ issue management methodology that we have effectively used on VA Health Care Claims Management (HAC EDI), VA Medical Care Collections Fund (MCCF) EDI O&M and Enhancements, and Community Care System Enhancements (CCSE). Our approach for balancing both emergent issues, and rhythmic agile planned work has proven to be a reliable and consistent component of our O&M support.

Data Request Services

ASG brings a very mature enterprise data management and data governance services to the SPARC IDIQ contract. Within our data management capabilities, we have proven processes for the Data requests services Our experience includes healthcare data services, financial data services, classified data services and public data dissemination. In addition to our experience we have skilled resources such as DBA5, Data Architects, Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Analysts on our staff to deliver various Data Services requirements.

Help Desk Support

ASG offer our clients with a help desk solution that can serve both Enterprise businesses and Small-Med Businesses. We provide Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 technical support to your computer users or other IT staff and assist you in keeping up with the high demand of your users to allow your IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities.
Unlike many of today’s top-ranked help desk outsource vendors, who use a one-size-fits¬all approach, we cater our help desk for each customer based on your help desk outsourcing needs. Our help desk outsourcing services are divided into 3 different tiers based on complexity. As mentioned above we provide support for all Tiers of Support.