ASG Contact Center Services and Solutions

Best Service, Right Time, Right Information

Our Approach

ASG’s complete contact center solution makes it easy to connect and collaborate with agents, employees, and customers. We have proven experience in all aspects of service desk support, ranging from handling incoming requests through various channels such as phone, email, chat, and other social and digital media platforms, to triaging, resolving, and/or escalating incidents as needed.


Skills-based routing

Skill-based routing via Automatic Call Distributors (ACD) to the best-qualified agent, facilitating rapid handling of issues and a streamlined customer experience. By connecting customers with the right agents, we speed up service ensuring better customer experiences, shorter wait times, and increased call resolution.

Agent management

Agent performance monitoring and frequent staffing analysis to optimize agent schedules. Frequent measurement of “Agent Performance Metrics” to minimize downtime and prevent long hold times for customers. Our performance measurement metrics include work planned, work performed, gap analysis, open issues, response time, case-managed, capacity, and availability.

Virtual Assistant

A multi-Tier help desk with self-service options, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), webchat, and web portal, deliver consistent and effective support while reserving valuable agent resources and time for more complex problems.

Multi-Channel and Multilingual

Integration with Avaya call center multichannel and multilingual IVR for a personalized experience

Integrated CRM

ASG integrates contact center platforms with CRM, this creates a real-time, event-based link between customer relationship management or ticketing software platforms and response center. The integrated CRM technology tracks and manages telephone services, web-based submissions/call back requests, retrieves and closes complaints and inquiries.

Incident Lifecycle Management

We use ITIL based and AI-powered case management process to identify, investigate, classify, track, and resolve issues. We provide real-time analytics on recurring incidents, service ticket aging and CSR response activities.

Training and Content

ASG is a GSA-approved Professional and Management Development Training vendor through the GSA MAS SIN approval process. We have rich proven experience transforming education with custom learning experiences. This experience includes categorization and content management, knowledge management portal creation and maintenance, analytics back content creation, Section 508 compliance, CSR, and IVR scripting. We use best practice infused execution for the content creation process, Quality Matters rubric, Kirkpatrick model for content evaluations, and tracking tool enforced process compliance.

Workforce Assessment

ASG perform daily quality analysis on agent performance data and training completion status to create a progress report. Data is used to monitor program integrity and to continuously identify scope of improvement for the process.

Quality Assurance

We collect, store, and analyze data of customer inquiries and incidents reported via IVR, Web, Chat, Email, social media, SMS/Text, Mobile, Fax, Phone, and Mail. We turn this data into insights. Our survey/feedback dashboards, trend reports, and performance indicators enable better decision-making.


A solution that creates Decision Tree via Predictive analytics. We make customer engagement an integrated part of the business. Our Skill-based routing, predictive dialer, and real-time agent schedule management ensure quality service and faster response time.

Success Stories

The Veterans Health Agency (VHA) needed an identity management system that would integrate decentralized access points, improve efficiency and enhance system security.

The Solution

ASG supported a complete “soup to nuts” call center analysis, strategy, technology selection, and eventual implementation of a call center capability for the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) Atlanta Call Center (ATC). Our team was instrumental in helping the ATC quickly evolve from what was initially a small internal support organization to an important and mission-critical ATC IT function. This call center provides support for the VA’s entire IT network infrastructure support of all VA Medical Centers, 600 Community-based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) and Outpatient Clinics (OPCs), all major Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) facilities, 45 National Cemetery Administration (NCA) facilities, and numerous VA Field Offices.