ASG announces recent award supporting the Defense Health Agency (DHA)

ASG announces recent award supporting the Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Frederick, MD Feb 9, 2024 – A Square Group, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent contract award to support the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) mission through the Military Health System (MHS) Enterprise Information Technology Services Program Management Office (EITS PMO). This groundbreaking initiative aims to transform MHS IT from a decentralized model to one of centralized management and coordination, with distributed delivery across the globe.

The contract aligns with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) mandates, signifying a monumental step forward in standardizing and enhancing IT support within the MHS enterprise. A Square Group will serve as a General Service Provider (GSP), delivering a wide array of critical IT tasks and services to Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) and Other Large Beneficiary (OLB) organizations both within the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS).

The scope of services provided by A Square Group under this contract encompasses nine key areas, ensuring comprehensive IT support across the MHS enterprise:

1. IT Service Desk: Offering round-the-clock support to address the immediate needs and challenges MHS personnel face.
2. Database, Application, and Web Development: Developing and maintaining robust databases, applications, and web services to support MHS operations.
3. Identity Management and Desktop Support: Ensuring secure and efficient access to IT resources and reliable desktop support for all users.
4. Data Center Operations: Managing data center infrastructure to support the vast data requirements of the MHS.
5. Information Assurance: Safeguarding critical information against threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring data integrity and security.
6. Network Operations: Providing reliable and secure network infrastructure to facilitate seamless communication and data exchange.
7. Telecommunications: Ensuring effective and efficient telecommunications services across the MHS.
8. Clinical Informatics: Enhancing healthcare delivery through integrating and applying IT in clinical settings.
9. Information Business Operations: Supporting the business aspect of information management to optimize healthcare delivery.

Through this contract, A Square Group commits to leveraging its expertise, technical knowledge, and resources to support the DHA’s objective of achieving a standardized, robust IT support structure. Coordination with the EITS Integrator (EITSI), Capability Service Providers (CSPs), and other GSPs is pivotal to successfully executing this mission, and A Square Group is dedicated to fostering strong collaborative relationships with all stakeholders involved.

“We are honored to be selected for this critical role in supporting the DHA’s mission to transform MHS IT services,” said Sara Singh, M.D., CEO of A Square Group. “Our commitment to innovation, quality, and collaboration will drive us forward as we work together towards a more integrated and efficient future for MHS IT.”


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