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Website and Cloud Tools Management

Content is King and Reigns from the Cloud

Our Approach

ASG’s fully managed website and cloud services employ seamless plugin integration, modern data architecture, agile development, web analytics, and dashboards. Our cloud engineering consultants resolve pain points within current web and cloud infrastructure and help our clients to break free from rigid legacy architecture to achieve more efficient and accessible frameworks that can scale up and down on demand.


Content Creation and Management

Our team of web designers, developers, programmers, and IT professionals design, manage and deploy interactive content for a wide range of audiences diverse in racial, cultural, regional, and age.

Software Asset Management 

Our IT asset management services understand roles, responsibilities, and business level policies, compliance and security needs, and critical performance objectives. We develop an effective governance and maintenance process of Software licenses, leases, and contracts.

Blueprints Of Cloud Services 

We follow a structured, easy-to-follow onboarding process with clear milestones and objectives that aligns with goals. We create and manage SOPs, Runbooks, and Playbooks for different operational groups.  Our playbooks have structured instructions about overarching cloud solutions and services, responses to larger issues or events and they will incorporate multiple runbooks. In these documents we typically cover  
• System processes  
• Security and access control
• System configuration,  
• Configuration management
• Monitoring and alerting
• Operational tasks
• Maintenance tasks
• Failure and recovery procedures
Each playbook has tested routines such as starting, supervising, debugging, and stopping service and instruction on “How To” perform these routines automatically, with human intervention occurring only at predetermined points. 

eLearning platform

We have rich proven experience transforming education with custom learning experiences.
That includes Moodle LMS development and customization with the integration of WordPress website to create enhanced user experience where necessary. Our interactive web-based courseware is Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Section 508 compliant, and API integrated.

Information to Insights

API Integrations with data sources and analytics data feed for measurable outcomes with BI reporting that includes web analytics for search engine optimization and performance indicator dashboards. We create a strategic plan to estimate resources and budgets and provide a comparative statistical analysis around PESO (paid, earned, social, owned) content using data-driven insights.

Cloud DevSecOps Services

ASG’s Cloud DevSecOps services are built around accelerating software deployment, using pioneering lean technology, to drastically reduce the time it takes to build, test, and roll out applications.

Cloud Infrastructure Services 

We dream of a future where IT infrastructures can monitor themselves, predict and respond to future business needs, and protect and heal themselves. We can help you design and implement a cloud-ready infrastructure that will unlock your vision and unleash unprecedented performance.


All in one package for web design and development, security and maintenance, digital marketing and outreach, optimized for search engines, API, and plug-in management ensuring availability, scalability, and security.

Success Stories

ASG designed a content management (CM), Knowledge Management (KM), and eLearning (eL) solution for the Department of Veterans Affairs that creates, identifies, collects, maps, manages, secures, and promotes sharing of intellectual assets through a Universal Learning Integrated Network Connection (ULINK) solution. This new system enables the VA to share information, raw data, research, templates, and organizational artifacts across Veterans Health Administration (VHA) among its users, partners, and Veterans. ASG is the system integrator providing the infrastructure, support, and linkages that support the content management, knowledge management, and eLearning functions needed within the VA system to form a one-stop-shop of integrated technologies so the VA can easily manage all forms of content and records within the ULINK system.